I bought this bag the other day that said, “Yoga. Brunch. Repeat.” And boy is that a mantra I love to live by. Going out to brunch with bottomless mimosas and delicious conversation is my favorite part of a weekend. I also like to bring that party to my home and host Sunday Brunch at my own kitchen counter. Instead of slaving away, cooking each guest their own individual dishes, set out a brunch bar and let guests choose their own perfect dish! Win-win. So, here are 8 awesome Brunch Bars to turn Sundays into Fundays!


Parfait Bar by Forkful

8 brunch bars to elevate your weekend

Yogurt, honey, granola and beautiful fresh fruit. A light and delightful way to follow up some weekend yoga!

Biscuit Bar by SouthernBite

8 brunch bars to elevate your weekend

Try out a southern theme and wow them with flaky buttermilk biscuits and an array of jams, jellies and butter compote.

Waffle Bar by Momlovesbaking

8 brunch bars to elevate your weekend

Set out a waffle maker and let your guests make fresh warm waffles topped with fruits, syrup and whipped cream!

Pancake Bar by ChelseasMessyApron

8 brunch bars to elevate your weekend

Just like waffles, only pancakes!

Breakfast Taco Bar by Pizza&Champagne

8 brunch bars to elevate your weekend

Veggies, tortillas and cheese! Nothing is better!



Coffee Bar by WildRuffle

8 brunch bars to elevate your weekend

This is something easy you can throw together to add a little kick to your foodie coma!

Bloody Mary Bar by Indeed Decor

8 brunch bars to elevate your weekend

Personally, I love a good bloody mary over a few mimosas. Also, if breakfast is going to be a long wait or not at all, a bloody mary can be filled with tons of snacks! Who doesn’t love snacks?

Mimosa Bar by SweetPhi

8 brunch bars that elevate your weekend

Juice, fruit and fizzy champagne! Can you really say no to that?


I’ll be trying a few of these soon, let me know if you do and what you think in the comments!

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