So, your partner came home and said, “I invited some coworkers over for beers in a half hour.”

Panic reigns over your face because you spent the entire day sitting in yoga pants, staring a computer screen with your hair in a bun. Oh and the house is a disaster, because well you weren’t expecting anyone.

So you spend ten minutes getting yourself acceptable, normal clothes, wash your face and dry shampoo.

Then you spend the next ten minutes cleaning the house. Here are a few quick tips to get your house looking great in ten minutes!

  1. Start by putting random things away. Clear the counter, the coffee table and dining room table of all junk. If you don’t have a place for it quickly, hide it in a drawer or a basket in a closet until you can get to the following the day.

  2. Put all of your bathroom junk in the cupboard.

  3. Wipe down all surfaces with Clorox wipes. Counters, Coffee tables, bathroom counters and toilet seat! Make sure to wipe under the seat, because men lift the seat.

  4. Sweep or vacuum the main areas.

  5. Take out the trash!

These simple cleaning tips will get your home in tip top shape in less time than it took your partner to invite his work buddies over last minute.

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