DIY: Party Invites

By alyssadimare  •  Nov 3, 2016 at 4:24pm  •  DIY

Whether it’s formal or informal, an invite sets the pace for any party.

Informal Email Invite

For my harvest party, I wanted an informal, but still fun invite. I created a fun fall themed invite on Word and uploaded it as a PDF.

DIY: Party Invites

With simple Word skills, I made this invitation. I copied a fall-themed picture into word, then brought the words forward. I then saved this as a PDF instead of a doc and sent it out in an email invite to myself and my invitee list.

Once I received it myself, I took a screenshot and sent the invite via text to my other invitees of whom I didn’t have their emails.

This is a super easy and fun way to make an invitation without spending any money!

Formal Invite

These are the kind you put an actually stamp and send via Postal mail. People get excited when they get things in the mail, because it doesn’t happen as often anymore. Remember: this takes time, so give yourself enough days to send it in the mail.

These come in all designs and can be customized for your party.

DIY: Party Invites DIY: Party Invites DIY: Party Invites

To get these pre-made invites check out Cactus Flower Company on Etsy!

If you want to make them yourself you’ll need:

  • White or Cream 5×7 Cards with envelopes
  • Wooden Stamps
  • Colored Ink Pads
  • Embossing Powder
  • Embossing heat tool (found on Papersource)



  1. Decide which ink colors to use.
  2. Carefully place wooden stamp in ink and make sure entire stamp is covered.
  3. Press firmly into the space on the card where you want the image to be
  4. Immediately sprinkle clear embossing powder onto wet ink.
  5. Shake excess back into container
  6. Heat with heat tool until powder has hardened and raised on the card
    1. This specific heat tool is necessary and a blow dryer will not work. A blow dryer does not reach the high temperatures that an embossing tool does. Although you don’t have to get it at Papersource, I personally love the one I have.

Now you have your very own invites!

With any stamp you can make your own custom invites or cards for any occasion.

Let me know what you think and comment below!!




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