This was by far the most fun I’ve had throwing a party yet! I wanted to host a wine themed party that was more than just sitting around drinking a few bottles of wine, I wanted it to be interactive and most importantly a night to be talked about.

Weeks before the actual event, I made a Facebook group to invite all of the ladies and then some. In the description I laid down the one simple rule: Bring TWO bottles of identical wine. One to drink and one to keep.

Fast forward to the day of the party: guests enter and the first thing they do:

  1. Set one bottle on the table.
  2. Fill out their name on a piece of paper and place in a bowl.
  3. Grab a glass and write their name!

How to Host a Wine Swap Party


How to Host a Wine Swap Party

To make things super easy, I laid out a bunch of colorful sharpies to do the name writing. Sharpies come off with a little bit of rubbing alcohol and soap. In this case, the guests also got to keep their wine glasses, if they wanted.

I picked up a bunch of super clean, simple wine glasses at the dollar store for a $1 each. What a steal.

Let the wine flow!

Once more than half of the ladies arrived, we started wine tasting. I had these super easy wine tasting cards created and printed on cardstock the week before.

How to Host a Wine Swap Party

This way, as we went through the wine, we could write down the name, our vote and any other details about it. This card would come in handy later in the evening.

While all of the wine was flowing, I had made sure to also have a pitcher of water to dispense in between tastings. Keep Hydrated was the motto of the evening! As well as, Get your snack on! I provided wine accompaniments, like:

Bread & Oil

How to Host a Wine Swap Party

Veggie & Fruit Platter

How to Host a Wine Swap Party

Antipasto & Assorted Charcuterie

How to Host a Wine Swap Party

& of course


How to Host a Wine Swap Party

You can’t have a wine party without cheese and bread! After twenty bottles of wine, we needed some sustenance to keep us going!

Finishing the wine…

Joyfully we made it to bottle 16. We had 16 guests and 16 bottles. Now for the fun part. Remember when I had all of the ladies put their name in a bowl? Well it was time to start pulling them out. Here’s how this game goes:

  1. A name gets drawn from the bowl
  2. That person can either take a bottle of their choice from the table or steal from somebody else!
  3. A person can only get stolen from once!
  4. If your bottle is stolen you must pick another one from the table.
  5. Everyone goes home with a new bottle!


What an exciting evening! I can’t wait to throw this party again soon. Here’s to round two!

Our hashtag was #moabuncorked which you can check out on Facebook. I also created a stellar Selfie Stick Photobooth to add to the fun. Check out this post on CFC to make your very own!

If you were throwing your own wine swap, what hashtags might you want? Comment below to let me know your own awesome ideas or parties!


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