How to build a Beer sampler

With Fall in full swing, this is the perfect time to host your very own Oktoberfest with good beer and great food! Ever see the generous supply of assorted beers at a party and wish you could try them all? With your new handmade beer samplers you can! Within two days, you can make these simple beer samplers and be the hit of your own party!

Here’s what you need:

  • 1x6x6 Red Oak Board (or other higher grade wood)
  • Handsaw or Electric saw
  • Tape Measure
  • Sandpaper
  • 2 inch forstner bit (see picture below)
  • Drill
  • Stain (color of your choice)
  • Chalk board spray paint
  • Shot glasses

Here’s how to do it:

Day 1

First, measure out 6, 12 inch lengths on your board and mark them with a pencil. Next, take your saw and cut six equal sized boards, measuring 12 inches each. For an extra uniqueness, also cut the edges off.

How to build a beer sampler

How to build a beer sampler

After you’ve finished cutting, using all purpose sandpaper, smooth all of the rough edges of each board.

How to build a beer sampler

Once all of your edges are smooth and soft, using a pencil and the shot glasses: trace the bottom of the glass onto the board (in the top half) in 4 equal spaces.

How to Build a beer sampler

Now attach your drill bit to your drill.

How to build a beer sampler

How to build a beer sampler

This drill bit is 2 inches, which is 1/4 inch bigger than our shot glasses. This allows the glasses to fit nicely into the wood without sticking. As a precaution, measure the bottom of your shot glass to ensure you are getting the correct drill bit.

Carefully drill into the spaces you previously traced for your glasses.

How to build a beer sampler

How to build a beer sampler

Using your sandpaper again, sand the circles you just drilled for optimal smoothness.

It’s time to stain! Using an old rag, carefully take a little bit of stain and begin rubbing the board. We used Minwax wood finish in red mahogany, because it was cheap and the color looked nice.

How to build a beer sampler

The directions say to give it one or two coats depending on the darkness you would like to achieve.

How to build a beer sampler

We went for one coat, because we liked how the color looked within the grains of the wood.

How to build a beer sampler

Beautiful! Congratulations you’ve finished your first day of work. Your boards now have to dry for 24 hours or however long the stain you purchased recommends.

Day 2

You’ve almost finished this great party project!

Using blue or other paint friendly tape, carefully tape off the edges leaving a 2 inch wide space just below your shot glass circles.

How to build a beer sampler

Continue to tape off the top part of the board, as a precautionary measure. We don’t want chalk board paint anywhere else except where it’s supposed to be!

Carefully spray paint the open board area.

How to build a beer sampler

Allow to dry for 20 minutes before adding a second coat.

How to build a beer sampler

After your second coat, allow your pieces to dry for 24 hours before adding chalk and removing the tape.


Day of your Party!

Your project is finished! You’ve made beautiful beer samplers and everyone at the party will think these are so cool. (Everyone at my party did!)

How to build a beer sampler



**Comment below for any tips, tricks or questions you have! Most importantly, have a fun filled fall!

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