So you’re having a party this weekend. You’ve finalized the menu or better yet, told all your peeps its potluck! You might throw a few bottles (or boxes) of wine on the table, there will definitely be cards against humanity and you might have even thought of a hashtag for the festivities. Why not kick it up a notch and surprise your friends with a photobooth! Sure photobooths can be expensive, but they don’t have to be! Check out how I made a Photobooth for my Wine Swap Party:


Things you will need:

  • Costumes

  • Selfie Sticks

  • Props

  • Backdrop


I’ve kept a costume box since college, so I picked out a few¬†pieces from there right off the bat. I like to reuse party supplies as often as possible. I also went to the dollar store and Party City to check out any items that could be added for fun! A great photobooth always has: masks, hats, boas and big sunglasses!

How to Create your Own Selfie Stick Photobooth!

While at party city, I stumbled across some fun props like, lips and mustaches. Since they were only $1, I picked up some extra packs, so I could use them to make my own custom ones relative to my wine theme party!

How to Create your Own Selfie Stick Photobooth!

I made my custom props on Word using box templates and fun sayings. Some favorites were: “You had me at Merlot,” and “Everything happens for a Riesling.”

I printed them on card stock, then glued them to the existing props.

For the backdrop, I reused this old banner AGAIN and made it say, “Unwine and uncork.”

Once the table was set up, we attached our phones to the selfie sticks and had so much fun!

How to Create your Own Selfie Stick Photobooth!

How to Create your Own Selfie Stick Photobooth!


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