Throwing parties is my jam and I love it. However, I don’t love buying tons of themed decorations and wasting precious paper. I like to take old decorations from previous parties and refurbish them to make fancy new ones! You can do this with almost any plain colored pieces and even some themed ones. Take a look below to see two different pieces I took from a bachelorette party and made them into fun harvest party decor!

The first one was easy!

It was a plain brown banner that we had cut paper letters from a flower paper pad to say “Mojito Bar” and “#before the moteb.” Check them out:

How to refurbish old decorations for new parties

I took that banner: removed some of the letters, kept what I could still use and remade it to say: “Oktoberfest” and “Harvest Party.”

How to refurbish old decorations for new parties

This project was super easy and fast.

My supplies were:

  • Old Brown Banner ($4 at Ross, or at Michael’s.)
  • Themed Paper
  • Tape and Pencil


  1. Carefully remove any old letters you don’t want to use.
  2. Trace and cut out new letters from a fall themed paper pad.
  3. Tape new letters onto banner.
  4. Put them in the correct order and slide onto string.

By taping the letters instead of gluing them the first time around, it made the removal of them easier. I taped them again, in case I want to reuse this banner a third time!

Fun Tip: If you run out of the string that came with the banner or need new string, use butchers twine from your kitchen!

Next super easy overhaul…

Pinwheels! I got these in orange/coral for the bachelorette party as well. That color was perfect for pumpkins.

What I needed:

  • Old Orange Pinwheels
  • Brown Cardstock
  • Green paper tape
  • Green Tissue paper
  • Tape and Scissors
  • Paperclips


First, I opened the pinwheels and attached a paper clip to the top to keep it in place.

How to refurbish old decorations for new parties

Then I cut out pumpkin stems from the brown cardstock. I also tore small square-like pieces of tissue paper out to make three or four squares. Carefully, I shaped the tissue paper into a leaf, twisted the bottom, so that it could easily be attached with paper tape. Using about 3-4 inches of paper tape, I attached the leaf to the stem, swirling the extra to look like vines. The nice thing about paper tape is that it’s sticky on one side, but not like tape. It easily curves and sticks to paper without becoming a mess.

How to refurbish old decorations for new parties

Next, I carefully attached the stems to the top of the pumpkin with clear tape on the backside.

How to refurbish old decorations for new parties

And I’m finished! I have pretty pumpkins for my harvest party.

How to refurbish old decorations for new parties


If you have any other tips, tricks or just want to say, “hey,  that’s awesome!” Comment below! Thanks!

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