Party supplies are something that can be a bit of hassle, because you either spend tons of money on decorations you’re going to throw away or buy paper products that have a one time use. I hate throwing away things, mostly because I love the environment and also because I think of it as money wasted. With that, I’m going to give you some great tips on where to buy great party decor that can be used and reused time and time again.

Before I dive into my list, here are few tips on how and what to buy.

First Tip:

Buy plates, platters and serving ware that is timeless!

White may be boring, but you can use it and reuse for every single party you have. Just grab a few different shapes and you’re good to go. Sometimes if I find good clearance items, I’ll throw in a light blue or wood piece. Whites, blues and wood can be adapted for anytime of the year and make for perfect timeless pieces to include in your party set!

Here’s a pic of a few pieces I’ve collected and use for everything:

where to buy party supplies on the cheap

These dishes were all bought on CLEARANCE for $5 or less at Homegoods. Which leads me to my next tip:

Buy things on clearance!

All of my favorite stores have a clearance section with mismatched dishes and I find the best additions! I think having a fun array of eclectic simple dishes is best the way to show off your party food spreads.

Sometimes a really awesome plate will have a tiny chip on the bottom making it super cheap! If the damage is minor and almost unnoticeable, that’s the perfect find!

And for my last tip:

Buy different shapes!

The point is to have an array of different platters for different foods. So I have some square, some round, some long and rectangle, as well as some small sauce dishes and other little trinkets that can be used for many different parties.


Now, we are going to talk about where to buy all of those fabulous dishes!

Where to Buy

When I need something specific, my first stop is Cost Plus: World Market

I can usually kill two birds with one stone here, I can get any white plate I need for less than $15 and pick up any spices or wine as well! Here’s what I’ve collected from World Market:

Where to buy party supplies on the cheap

When I need something less specific, I head to Homegoods.

I got these awesome pieces from Homegoods.

where to buy party supplies on the cheap

Other stores with awesome, cheap platters:


TJ Maxx


With these stores, it can be a hit or miss. Also sometimes TJ Maxx doesn’t have a kitchen section at every store.

I’ve been able to find exactly what I was looking for or something so similar it will work the same. Searching for things can sometimes be a hassle, but therapeutic at the same time. Have fun with the process! You’re throwing a party after all…

Moving on from dishware, and onto decor.

If it’s something specific: like colored paper straws or pre-made hanging decor, I go to Michaels.

Michaels isn’t always the cheapest, but they cater to those very specific party needs. You can also download a new coupon straight from their website every time you go, taking a little off the end balance. Even though I’m against one time decorations, I’ve figured out how to reuse those pieces for more than one party. Check out my post on that here.

For those not so specific needs, I pick up tons of great finds at a dollar store. Here in LA, we have Dollar tree and 99cent only stores.

I find things like:

  • tissue paper
  • party bags
  • table runners
  • holiday decorations
  • picture frames
  • chalk
  • table clothes

For stuff I didn’t know I needed: Ross or Marshals.

I’ve found the best stuff at these two stores:

  • Banners
  • table clothes
  • party bags
  • napkins
  • clearance holiday stuff
  • beer or wine bucket

For other fun stuff I head to Target, because of course. I find fun stuff in the dollar section at the front of the store and also grab other staples,

things like:

  • solo cups
  • holiday decorations
  • gift boxes
  • picture frames
  • kitchen supplies


Buying stuff for a party can be expensive, but it can also be cheap. So remember these three things:

  1. Timeless

  2. Reusable

  3. Variety


Your parties will be amazing from the first one to the next! Comment below for any questions or other tips you’d like to add!



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